Daily Prompt: Ruminate

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate

No Psalms read like the blood of a lifeline
I was slow
at knowing
that the times
we can bat
our eyelids
are not infinite
and I remember
quite well
the way that I felt
on the day
that my brother
passed on
there was a mirage
of sound
late one evening
when the blind
eye of the moon
welled up
as I laced my boots
with sinew
and walked through
the darkness
to let the stars shine
on the blade
of my knife that cut
deep along
my lifeline
and the blood
from my palms
read like
the Psalms
of comfort that could
not find its way
through the hay
of the high
on that long night
not so
very long ago.

Author: poetryontheedge

Rick is a Professional archaeologist, father, dog lover, and part time poet. He lives and works on the coast of North Carolina. His poetry has been published in the University of San Francisco's The Ignatian Literary Journal, featured on Every Writers Resource, selected by the Winstom Salem Writers Association for Poetry in Plain Sight, and engraved on a granite bench as part of a downtown public arts project in the city of Cary, North Carolina. Most recently, my poem "Things the dead leave" won the Poetry of Witness contest in the North Carolina Poetry Society and will be published in their 2017 edition of Pine Song.

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